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Memorial created 04-10-2017 by
Boris Novak
Nicholas Novak
June 3 1996 - August 13 2016

My only son, my heart forever aches

Nicholas T. Novak was my only son. His heart was golden, his mind brilliant. Nicholas suffered from depression and social anxiety that eventually drove him to the point of no return. Even though he succeeded at most anything he put his mind to, he still felt he had failed at life. He was so young to worry about such things. Nicholas wanted to become an actor, and less than a week before he took his own life in his bedroom across the hallway from where I slept, he'd already signed his first contract to be an actor at Universal Studios. Everyone was so proud of him. As his father, I will always mourn him, and the night he died, I feel a huge part of myself died too. I will never understand what he was really going through, because he hid it fairly well. Every moment of every day, I now live to keep the memory of my only son alive. Nicholas will forever be 20 years old. I will always ask "Why?" But I know now I will never be given an answer. I miss my boy. I miss my son. I miss my very own heart and soul that he took with him. He made life beautiful...


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