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Memorial created 01-18-2010 by
National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery
Judi Chamberlin
October 30 1944 - January 16 2010

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01-19-2010 10:01 PM -- By: Ted Chabasinski,  From: Berkeley now, New York City originally  

I remember when Judi and I first met in 1971, the two of us just discovering the movement,  and thinking about that makes me very sad.

01-19-2010 9:05 PM -- By: MICHAEL BILSON,  From: MANCHESTER NH USA  

I was sorry to hear of Judi C's passing away. I met her only once, when she came to speak to members of the peer support agency in Manchester, NH, o/a 1996 or 1997. Her book and other writings were among the influences that led me to become involved in peer support and the consumer/survivor advocacy movement in NH. Her legacy to those resisting psychiatric oppression and abuse is a remarkable one.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time.

01-19-2010 7:37 PM -- By: Herrad,  From: Amsterdam, The Nertherlands  

I am glad that found Judi's blog last year February.

The more I visited the more that I appreciated her and the fonder I became of her.

She was a really wonderful woman.

I shall miss her very much.


my blog is: accessdeniedlivingwithms

01-19-2010 6:08 PM -- By: Marty Federman,  From:  

Friends -

I want to express my overwhelming appreciation to those who set up this wonderful memorial web site. 

I've said to many of you that it was intention to set up something like this but have been swamped, primarily by the unbelievable outpouring of love and respect that I've received through comments on Judi's blog as well as my and Judi's personal e-mails.  I expect that this site will now become the natural place for all of us to share a variety of materials and thoughts.

I know that Judi would have been very pleased.

01-19-2010 6:00 PM -- By: mareesa,  From: mn  

i want to welcome you to VM...here we have a family that has been brought here for the same reason, we lost someone we loved....we are all here to help and listen to one another...if you ever need to talk or need advice, we can be reached just by clicking the picture....My son steven is here, please take time to stop by and say hi get to know him, as i look forward to coming back again and again to learn more about your sweet angel...thanks and Take Care...\

love mareesa

01-19-2010 3:27 PM -- By: Chuck Hughes,  From: Santa Barbara  

I first meet Judi at the Finding Our Voices training in Culver City a few years ago.  And like so many others had gotten to know her from a distance through her own book and other writings that she shared so freely as well as every time you turn around she is being quoted in research and educational text books. Like so many others I was shocked when I discovered that Judi had entered a hospice program a year ago. My first thought of, how could you leave us, was selfish of me and I keep hopeful that her pulmonary condition was not terminal and that she would somehow recover from it.  Visiting her blog from time to time I soon realized that she had more to give humanity than just being an activist and changing my world but she had a bigger destiny to fulfill as an advocate. Her last days seem to have been so tieadyist that it comes as relief to learn of her passing.  She will always be a source of encouragement in our thoughts and on our minds just as she had been in life.  I am certain that the world will not be forgetting of Judi as she was in the forefront of so many human rights movements and educatioing the masses.   Her name will surreally be in texts books for generations to come changing perspectives on the human condition and who we relate to each other.  She will continue to live in our minds and hearts forever.

01-19-2010 2:39 PM -- By: Piers Gooding,  From: Australia  

It was such an honor to meet Judi and a privilege to hear her speak in Omaha '09. As with her life's work it was deeply inspiring. Judi, you have helped spark the fire in so many of our lives in the struggle against injustice. We will keep the flame burning.

My sincere condolences to Judi's family, friends and community.

01-19-2010 2:30 PM -- By: Dorothy Dundas,  From: Boston, MA  

"32 years ago, the afternoon I first met Judi is still etched in my memory, so clearly that the moment could be framed and hanging on my wall. It was at the time of the great blizzard of1978.Following a small sign, I found her in the basement of The Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston where she was reading from her book, "On Our Own," and holding a small meeting of the MPLF.(Upstairs, psychiatrists were holding a much larger meeting of the MA Psychiatric Asssociation) Having been out of the hospital myself for 15 years, I was completely euphoric to meet another survivor and immediately bought and read her book. Over the following months, as Judi, David Oaks, Joe Carson, Dan Fisher, and several others and I met in each others' houses, she introduced me to many spirited and dear fellow travelers with similar experiences of atrocities in the mental health system. Judi changed my life forever, and she lit in me a political fire which will never die.  She inspired me to speak out the shocking truth, to write and to fight for human rights. Thank you, Judi. The torch you passed on to so many of us is still strong and light and bright! "

01-19-2010 12:52 PM -- By: Daniel Fisher,  From:  

How do I say farewell to my hero and mentor? From the first day I met her 32 years ago till her last day she has inspired me and taught me so much.When a fellow Mental Patient Liberation Front member urged me to read her book, On Ou Own, and meet her I had no idea how my life would change. She and I helped start the Ruby Rogers consumer-run drop in center and the Empowerment Center, but beyond specific activities there was the fire that she lit in from my smoldering embers and that she lit in many others. I am so glad she made it to Alternatives in Omaha this year. Judi we will miss you, but never forget you and your torch, which we will carry on.

01-19-2010 12:02 PM -- By: Jamie S,  From: St. Louis, MO  

You will be missed! My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends and those she inspired.

01-19-2010 12:01 PM -- By: Amber Guerrero,  From: Oklahoma  

While I only met you once, I felt I knew you. I knew your heart, I knew your fight. Your advocacy helped to make this world a better place- thank you for giving so much of your self through your work- I know my life in recovery saw the benefit. We will continue to serve our brothers and sisters and in doing so, we will honor you. Thank you, Judi. Blessings.

01-18-2010 10:44 PM -- By: Lauren Spiro,  From: Washington DC area  

Thanks to everyone who came together to create this permanent site to honor and celebrate Judi's life. Sister - you are at peace now. We will carry the flame. We will never forget you - your courage and tenacity,  your zest and spirit. You have blessed us all and we will never forget. You left the world a much better place.


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