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Memorial created 01-18-2010 by
National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery
Judi Chamberlin
October 30 1944 - January 16 2010

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01-25-2010 10:58 PM -- By: Marianne Farkas,  From: Boston  

It is so hard to think of Judi as gone. I never really believed she would actually die. We were friends for almost my entire time in Boston-- 30 years, lived through relationships, break ups, children, celebrations, travelled together laughed, played word games together, fought the good fight together.  I miss her a great deal already even though her spirit is very much alive.

01-25-2010 2:57 PM -- By: Melissa,  From: Milwaukee  

Best wishes

01-25-2010 3:48 AM -- By: Tomas Lagerwall,  From: Sweden  

Judi inspired me and many others in the international disability community to understand how the rights of persons with psycho-social disabilities should be understood and respected. Thank you very much Judi

01-24-2010 3:31 PM -- By: Andrew Roberts,  From: London  

Returning the hug you gave me last time we met. Your friendship will always be with me.

01-24-2010 4:52 AM -- By: Cassandra Freeman,  From: Vancouver, Canada  

I did a half hour interview with Judi about 8 years ago. She was truly a visionary with a very powerful straightforward message for the world and the mental health community. When I interviewed her she talked about how legislation was the best way to change the psychiatric system and how important peer support its, how important building bridges with the disabled community is. The feedback I got from her a few weeks before she passed away was "I'm sorry more hasn't been done"  If you want to read the article is in the West Coast Mental Health Network site, Winter 2009 Bulletin on page 10. It was lovingly edited by Irit Shimrat. . I will always be deeply touched by the matter of fact Jewish motherly way she spoke her truth. She was right and she knew it. Good bye Judi, your spirit lives on.

01-24-2010 12:00 AM -- By: Linda Dittmar,  From: Cambridge MA  

Judy, I never met you, but I "met" you indirectly and am so very moved by your life's story. You'll always be with us. Linda

01-23-2010 10:26 PM -- By: Stephany,  From: Washington  

Thank you for blazing the trail, Judi. God Bless you, and thank you.

01-23-2010 4:27 PM -- By: Thomas Barton,  From: New York, N.Y.  

All honor to a soldier for justice.

01-23-2010 2:20 PM -- By: Mary Nettle,  From: Worcester, England  

Dear All,

Just wanted to say how influential Judi has been in my life. On our Own was really inspirational and helped me come out from being a passive user of services to seeing myself as a survivor.I was privelleged to meet her and considered her to be a friend. Wherever we are in the world psychiatric system oppression is  and we need to overcome. Judi led the way and I was pleased to follow. Thank you for being there and your influence will remain. Best wishes, Mary

01-22-2010 11:56 PM -- By: Sally Zinman,  From: California  

I know that Judi will live on because of the enormous social change that she effected in her life's work. She will live on in the thousands of consumer/survivors that follow her, in the spirit of our movement. I know this, but i miss her, personally, my friend.

01-22-2010 8:12 PM -- By: Delores Jankovich,  From: Overland Park, Kansas  

Though I met you only once, Judi, in Sacramento, in 2000, the lunch that I and several friends shared with you, was momentous. You were filled with warmth and humor which you so readily shared. Your work has changed the way I view the struggles for myself and my loved ones as I continue to work in human rights in mental health. You will live on and on and on in the wonderful legacy you have left.

01-22-2010 8:10 PM -- By: David Mithen,  From: Victoria, Australia  

 Very sad news.  Ms Chamberlin's contributions to establishing the concept of csx rights, and her advocacy for peer-run support services and non-coercive treatment alternatives will be remembered for many years.

01-22-2010 6:14 PM -- By: Hal Wilkens,  From: Arizona  

My wife is struggling with various mental health problems and is also an activist against injustice to mental patients. We will miss Judi even though we did not know her. We thank her for all she has done.

01-22-2010 5:23 PM -- By: Norm Keegel,  From: Seattle  

Well done, Judi!

01-22-2010 2:48 PM -- By: Jeff Rosen,  From:  

Judi and Rae were the two people who helped me start to see mental health issues from the consumers' perspective. Thank you for all youve done.

01-22-2010 2:46 PM -- By: Sharon Wilson,  From: National Coalition of Mental Health C/S Org  

Thank you, Judi, for leaving a legacy of caring for others - whether they are consumers, survivors, caretakers.

01-22-2010 2:15 PM -- By: Dorothy Dundas,  From: Boston, MA  

To Donna...1/21/10 ...9:17am My paperwhites are also suddenly blooming, as never before, with the most beautiful delicate white blossoms.  I think Judi is shining her bright light on all of them.

love, Dorothy

01-22-2010 12:58 PM -- By: Edward R. Arnold,  From: Boulder, CO  

Thanks to Judi for her lifelong work in advancing the idea that people with chronic illnesses and disabilities are people who also have rights and should be treated with dignity.

01-22-2010 11:49 AM -- By: Laureen Summers,  From:  

It was a missed opportunity, on my part, that I did not get to know Judi personally.  I watched her from afar, taking comfort that here was a talented and caring woman who held tight to her beliefs and was a fierce and tender role model for all of us. May there be wisdom and compassion learned and shared in Judi's memory.

01-22-2010 9:49 AM -- By: Menno van Veen,  From: Netherlands  

Thanks for inspiring me - as long as I live you you will live in my mind

01-22-2010 4:12 AM -- By: Mary Simmons,  From: Santa Rosa, CA  

Judi was one of the first people I heard about when I  was introduced  to the concept of patients helping patients and the whole consumer movement. I became involved in a consumer run Center in Santa Rosa, Interlink Self Help Center in 1996. It saved my life. When I left the Center in 2009, I was Manager. During my time there and in working on the consumer movement  in CA, I was privileged to meet Judi several times. Her tenancity, strengh, belief in self help were inspirational to me always. She will be missed but her work will never be forgotten. She touched many lives and because she was such a strong leader her work will be carried forward for many years to come. Thank you Judi for all you did and all you brought us.


01-21-2010 5:54 PM -- By: Janice Dallas,  From: Arlington, MA  

When I met Judi at the meetings of the chronic pain support group in Arlington, I had no idea that she was famous.  She was just another person with pain, sharing her knowledge of what helped or hindered her in the search for relief so we could live a normal life.  I started reading her blog because I wanted to know what hospice is like from the patient's stand point.  She was really good about keeping up her entries, so I learned a lot about how a person can still have a life, even while dying.  I'll miss her smile, and her determination to get things changed.

01-21-2010 4:14 PM -- By: Deborah Carl,  From: Ohio  

As a mental health advocate, my studies quickly brought me to Judi and I was humbled and awed by this lovely woman and her story. God Bless you Judi, your light shines on.

01-21-2010 4:04 PM -- By: Mindy Bloom,  From: Arlington  

I was one of the lucky Hospice volunteers who got to visit with Judi every week.  I looked forward to every meeting.  She was truely a joy!  I'll miss her.

01-21-2010 1:59 PM -- By: Kevin ferris,  From: Albuquerque,  

Judi will be missed and those of us who knew her and loved her will continue to mentor as she did us. I pray that the years she has given and the great things she has done for Consumers/Survivors will encourage those newbes to recognize the they can do the same and carry on the torch and continue to light the flames around the world for better treatment which are consumer driven.

Kevin Ferris

Change Agent

People Owning System Change (POSChange.org)

01-21-2010 12:17 PM -- By: Patricia Lefave,  From: Canada  

Happy to see you are doing this for Judi. It is a good memory book and I know she would give it her approval.

01-21-2010 11:44 AM -- By: Uylanda Ward,  From:  

Those we love left us with gifts that no one can take away. They gave us friendship, comfort when we needed it, and memories of their laughter and smile. These are gifts of love that are ours to keep.

Although I do not know the family, I would like to send my condolences to you. May the tender mercy that God has always shown be with your family now so you will know that you are not alone. And may the prayers of others help in some small way to bring you strength, comfort and courage each day. Many words will be expressed, yet we know God can express and provide to you and your family everything that is needed to care and sustain your hearts at this sad time. - Isaiah 41:10 & 13.

When the time and situation allows you, please look up these Bible Scriptures to provide you with some comfort of the hope that you will be able to see your wonderful Judi again. Job 14: 14-15,   Revelation 21:4,   John 5:21, 28 & 29

01-21-2010 10:54 AM -- By: Moosa Salie,  From: South Africa  

I first met Judi in October 2003 when some user/survivor leaders were invited to the WHO in Geneva for consultations. I remember on the evening of the 30th David Oaks, Karl Bach Jensen, Judi and I going to a restuarant to celebrate her 59th birthday.

I next met Judi for the last time in 2004 at the WNUSP GA in Denmark. She as one of the co-chairs played an important and leading role in the proceedings of the conference.

In fact the last time I spent some time with her was on our way back from Denmark on a BA flight to London. Coincidentally it turned out that our seats were next to each other and we chatted all the way for three hours until we landed at Heathrow.

It feels to me that I never really thought of that as our last meeting. In fact Judi participated in a live radio show linkup to Cape Town, when I had arranged a talk show with a local radio station on psychiatry and the user/survivor movement in June 2005.

If anyone wants to have a copy of the the mp3 of the show, I will upload it onto the web for download and share the link here.

Judi was always a guiding light in the WNUSP and most memorable and possibly her most brilliant presentation was the one she delivered at the WPA conference in Dresden in 2007 on coercion in psychiatry.

I will miss you Judi. Its been a real honour to have knwon you.



WNUSP, co-chair

01-21-2010 9:22 AM -- By: Donna,  From:  

Dearest Judi -

Just wanted you to know that the paperwhites are in full bloom.....6-7 stalks of beautiful white buds that reflect your radiant light.....Love, D.

01-21-2010 8:41 AM -- By: Priscilla Borders,  From: Abingdon, VA  

I have followed all of your stories, and enjoyed your talking about your life. Thank you for sharing so much, I have COPD in the late stage and it is very tough breathing.


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